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Removing pesticide residue machine

Removing pesticide residue machine
  • Type:SEESSD-900
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Machine Size:as the customers
  • Power:as the customers
Removing pesticide residue machine introduction:
Removing pesticide residue machine’s operating principle: using 02 make to 03, 03 through the pipeline to the washing tank, then by our equipment to make the water and 03 together sufficiently, after that 03 water will be sterilization and disinfection. This machine is used for vegetable, fruit, meet, egg, seafood, rise, tea ect.
Removing pesticide residue machine structure:
Body materials stainless steel
Design as customers’ require
Size as customers’ require
Motor Electrodeless adjustable motor
Please noted, our worker on-site installation, and help your worker to operate the moving pesticide residue machine.
If you want to know more about the moving pesticide residue machine information, please feel free to contact us.