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What is the way of the growth of cabbage? Cabbage wash or not wash

What is the way of the growth of cabbage? Cabbage wash or not wash
Vegetable expert Chen Zhijie said that cabbage in the growth process, the leaves will appear in two different forms, one called "rosette leaves", the other called "the ball leaves." In the early stages of the growth of cabbage, the leaves are not wrapped up, but with long petiole oval leaves, it is distributed in the stem spiral, spread like a green lotus, so called rosette leaves. Wait until the leaves grow to 18-30 when the internal leaves are no longer unfolded, but wrapped up each other, petiole also gradually shortened or even disappear, this leaves called the ball leaves. Cabbage will be the leaves of the leaves of nutrients and roots absorbed by the water all concentrated in the leaf ball, so we eat the taste of crisp and delicious cabbage.
If this is the case, then do not wash the cabbage? Can cabbage really eat it?
How to clean cabbage properly
Chen Zhijie that cabbage should be divided into three steps: First, to the leaves. Cabbage is the outermost layer of leafy vegetables is the most likely to have pesticide residues, cleaning the best before the first leaf pick out. Second is to the stem. Stems are also the most likely to remove pesticides, and must be partially removed before cleaning. Third, the flow of water washed. It is best to soak in water for 30 to 40 minutes, then rinse twice with flowing warm water.
Cabbage leafy vegetables most likely to leave pesticides, try not to pick leafy vegetables have obvious drug spots. Medications are mostly blue-green or yellow, well recognized. After the storm, after the flood, try not to buy cabbage, because after the strong wind and heavy rain erosion, many nutrients are lost, soaked in plenty of rain cabbage, leaves are not fresh.