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The basic principle of fruit and vegetable cleaning

Cleaning by principle can be divided into mechanical and chemical two roles.
(A) mechanical methods: 1, soaking method. In a certain concentration of cleaning solution to maintain a certain temperature soak for a certain time, so that the pollutants loose or dissolved in water, and then change the water away. 2, blast style. Wash before the blast can be debris to save water, wash the breeze after the dry effect. Blast cleaning in the tank filled with blowing pipe violent mixing so that debris separation, the material is not easy to hurt, suitable for fruit vegetables. 3, spray type. Generally in the soaking after the small flow of large indenter than the large flow of small pressure head good. Conveyor belt Optional mesh belt or roller type (can roll material). 4, friction stir. In the immersion or spray, with the mixing mechanism such as screws, blades and other materials and friction, and the material friction with each other, loose dirt away from the water. 5, brush type. The brush and the solution together force the dirt away. 6, vibration type. Crank mechanism or ultrasonic waves to produce strong vibration, so that dirt off.
(B) chemical cleaning: the use of cleaning agents and dirt chemical reaction to remove dirt. Select the cleaning fluid to pay attention to: 1, good wetting, rapid diffusion. 2, can make the dirt separation and suspension. 3, can make fat emulsion. The product has a bactericidal effect. 5, with the amount of active substances, in the case of very little foam to enhance the infiltration, improve the cleaning speed.
Commonly used cleaning agents are sodium hydroxide.
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