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Technical conditions of vegetable cutting machine

Multifunctional vegetable cutting machine is a food machinery, its design should be consistent with "the People's Republic of commercial standards - vegetable cutting machine technical conditions." Where 1. Design and manufacture of technical requirements
(1) The cutting machine should be strictly separated from the working part of the cutting part.
(2) There should be safety devices and measures.
(3) manual feeding should be limited, and there should be interlock between the motorized feed.
(4) There must be an interlock between the rotating tool and the rotating dial and the shield with the hinge member. 2. Performance requirements:
(5) forming the shape of the material should be structured, uniform and stable.
(6) cut into the surface of the material should be smooth, angular, cutting the surface must not have obvious tear traces of fiber.
(7) in the feed, cutting, the process of discharge, the material should be smooth and smooth, not the phenomenon of the plug.
(8) The machine should be smooth movement, not allowed to have abnormal sound, heat, shock, stuck, oil and other phenomena.
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