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Shanghai has developed more than 50 kinds of fancy potatoes to eat

More than 50 kinds of added in the proportion of 10% -90% of the potato staple products will continue to enter the Shanghai market.
Exquisite potato cake, the shape of the lovely potato bag, potato Yangchun noodles, potato fritters ... ... August 24, in the Shanghai Potato staple food culture exhibition, more than 50 kinds of "Shanghai" potato products successfully suction eyes, unique taste, nutrition and health , In response to the national food security strategy, but also enriched the Shanghai people's table.
Potato cold, drought, barren, wide adaptability, easy to grow. In 2015, the state officially launched the potato staple food strategy, Shanghai as a comprehensive advance of the potato starchy product development of the second batch of pilot cities, composed of the Shanghai Jiaotong University Potato Engineering Technology Research Center research team, and the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences fresh food processing research center Research team, developed a number of suitable for the Yangtze River Delta regional consumers taste of potato staple products. From the traditional bread, noodles, to the trendy moon cakes, egg tarts, pastries, drinks, more than 50 kinds of added in the proportion of 10% -90% of the potato staple products will continue to enter the market.
Potato snacks are popular
"The main producing areas from the potato to increase income, planting structure adjustment, we Shanghai from the direction of the market to start their brains." Shanghai Agriculture Committee Economic and Commercial Director Wang Desi said that Shanghai does not grow potatoes, but can be from the market and the public consumption diet Structural adjustment, to promote the strategy of potato staple food, to achieve the agricultural supply side and the demand side of the effective docking.
Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences researcher Qiao Yongjin Dr. told reporters that the potato as a staple food, in fact, very conducive to good health. Potatoes contain all the seven types of nutrients needed by the human body, including vitamin A and vitamin C, which are lacking in the daily cereal staple foods. 100 grams of potatoes in the amount of vitamin equivalent to 7 apples, or a half tomatoes, potassium content is equivalent to two bananas.
All kinds of potato staple food
But the potato starch structure and the general grain is different, poor processing, taste is not good. "Potato bread and the like add more than 30% of the taste is very poor, we are through the high activity of plant protein to add and improve the process of innovation, change the organizational structure, to achieve the highest 90% can also guarantee a good taste." Joe Yong Jin said.
Add high levels of potato pastry
In addition, many companies in Shanghai have also tried to develop new products. At present, Barbie's potato bag has entered the Yangtze River Delta more than 2,000 "Bobby bread" store sales, realistic potato shape, unique flavor, popular consumer welcome, the average daily sales of about 20,000 or so. Qingmei potato bread and fried dough sticks have also been fully covered all the marketing outlets, these products in the potato powder content of more than 10%. Yuan Zu also launched the potato honey cake cake tea flavor and potato honey cake flavor, apply for a related patent, the establishment of potato cake product standard 1.

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