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Principle and Application Analysis of Cutting Machine

The choice of slice motion form
One of the characteristics of food machinery is the work of the implementing agencies to simulate the man's movements to achieve its function to ensure that the system has a good shape of the food to maintain the original taste and color of food and quality. Good performance of the multi-functional chopper machine sliced ​​movement of course, it should be simulated man-made action. The same time as
At present, the domestic and foreign vegetable cutting machine in the form of slice movement there are two:
(1) tool rotation and material linear feed type;
(2) the tool for linear reciprocating motion and material for linear feed. The same time as
1. Slice function comparison
For the tool rotation of the blade: through the design of a certain blade curve in the material under the conditions of straight feed, the tool not only has a cutting effect on the material but also has a cut role, therefore, has a simulated human hand section of the action. So that the tool on the material squeeze force is small, the material damage is small, you can keep its moisture, and slice the shape of the rules, and thus good slice quality. In addition, you can still design a different body of the disc cutter, you can cut out the required different shapes of materials (strip, wire, block, etc.). The same time as
For the tool for a straight reciprocating motion, the blade edge for a straight line, the tool is simple. But the material on the material extrusion pressure, the material damage, water loss, the poor quality of slices. The same time as
2. A comparison of the mechanism of tool movement
Tool to achieve the movement of the body is relatively simple, smooth transmission, transmission components are not easy to wear, long machine life. The same time as
To achieve a straight reciprocating motion of the tool, a crank connecting rod mechanism or cam must be used. Relatively speaking, the mechanism is more complex, shock, vibration, transmission components easy to wear, low machine life. The same time as
3. Productivity comparison
Tool rotation and material linear feed type, due to no impact, vibration is small, high-speed slicing, and thus high productivity. The same time as
Tool straight reciprocating motion and material linear feed type, due to the impact of movement, vibration, slice speed is limited, so the productivity is low. The same time as
As the above analysis and comparison can be concluded that the tool for rotary motion slices, the slice of good quality, high productivity, tangent diversification (through different types of disc tool to achieve) represents the development direction of the vegetable machine, so The design is still in the form of a knife swivel.
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