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Multi-country sanctions against Russia Moscow will turn to the BRIC imports of food

According to the Russian "newspaper newspaper" quoted "news" March 18 news, according to the Russian Ministry of Trade Services, Moscow Alexei Nemeruke said that in the multi-country sanctions against Russia, the Moscow authorities plan to turn to Import goods from the BRIC countries, especially food, to replace the goods imported from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries.
Nemerius said that if the North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries to stop the supply of food to Russia, then Moscow had to find a new vegetable and fruit suppliers, and meat processing plants are looking for new pork and beef suppliers.
At present, 67% of Moscow's meat is dependent on foreign imports, of which nearly 40% comes from members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In the case of multinational sanctions against Russia, the Moscow food supplier plans to reposition and make greater use of the food supply potential of the BRICS countries.
According to reports, Russia and the Crimea signed on Monday to join Russia's treaty, the European countries and the United States, Japan, Canada and other countries have announced the implementation of a series of economic, political and military sanctions against Russia.
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