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Common several fruits and vegetables washing machine

First, the blast cleaning machine
Uses: general fruit and vegetable cleaning. Can be followed by other machines such as hoists.
Structure: by the rack, washing tank, conveyor belt, blowing tube, water spray device, select the table, blower, motor and transmission components. Conveyor with star wheel, pressure wheel, transmission and operation, with the surface structure of the chain plate with scraper (fruit), roller (such as tomato), metal mesh (such as tuber) and so on. The blowing tube is placed underneath the conveyor belt under the water in the tank.
How it works: the material into the tank, the excess water can overflow. In the horizontal movement with the blower, pipe and blown out of the air blowing stir, to speed up the separation of dirt. Conveyor belt tilted part of the surface of the water there are several rows of water pipes for pressurized water rinse. The above horizontal conveyor belt is used for inspection and selection. Is a three-stage cleaning method.
Other blast cleaning machines: eg rinsing machines - mainly used for the cleaning of fruits and vegetables through the bubble roll and water pipe spray to remove the surface of the dirt.
Second, the washing machine
Common brush brush and brush wash washing machine. Mainly used for fruit and vegetable cleaning.
1, brush brushing machine - through the brush rotation and bubble rolling with the water jet, so that fruits and vegetables to be cleaned.
2, brush wash wash fruit machine
Uses: for Apple, citrus, pears, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables cleaning. Washing rate of up to 99%, damage less than 2%.
Structure: from the feed port, washing tank, brush roller, water spray device, the material dump bucket, the outlet, transmission system, rack composition.
How it works: The two brush rollers in the tank are rotated in opposite directions to agitate the water in the tank to swirl. The water flow rate is high and the pressure is reduced. The material flows automatically between the rolls under the pressure difference Was scrubbed. Material scrubbed up after the float from the turn up the bucket up, along the circular surface of the water pumped by the water spray after the rinse, and finally from the outlet flow to the aggregate box.
Third, the drum cleaning machine
Uses: fruits such as apples, citrus and tubers such as potatoes, beans and other cleaning.
Features: simple structure, high productivity, clean thoroughly, small damage to the product.
Structure: from the inlet and outlet, drum, water spray device, drainage device, motor and transmission components.
Round drum with sieve plate, steel and other types, both ends of the roller with a support roller support, and the ground into about 5 °, driven by the pulley and gear rotation, speed 8r / min. Individually staircase or made of polygonal (such as hexagonal).
Sprinkler general roller axis set the nozzle to make the material in the rolling movement was washed, the nozzle interval of 150 ~ 200mm, spray pressure can be 0.14 ~ 0.2MPa.
Work process: the material into the drum, the drum as a result of continuous rotation of the material rolling, material, material and roller between the friction. At the same time, the surface of the material sprayed with high pressure water, after cleaning the sewage and sediment through the drum gap into the bottom of the washing machine, into the sewer.
Four, paddle washing machine
Uses: suitable for some block diameter raw materials, such as potatoes, carrots, beets and so on.
Construction: consists of rack, wash tank (bottom of the sewage hatch and gate), porous sieve (semi-circular), shaft, hopper, discharge trough and transmission components.
Work process: before adding water, not more than unloading slot. The material by the hopper into the wash tank after the baking lotion soaking at the same time by the blade rolling constantly stirring, so that between the material, between the material and the tank, between the material and the paddle friction, loose soil was washed The liquid is taken away and passed through a porous screen to the bottom of the tank. According to the deposition of soil intermittent open sewage hatch and gate discharge, to timely replenishment of water. As the blade is arranged in a spiral line, so that one side of the material side of the material to promote the forward movement, so that good cleaning materials discharged from the discharge slot.
Features: more dirt on the soil, rugged material cleaning better. But the bath is very long, covering more.
Five, universal vegetables machine
Uses: all kinds of fruits and vegetables cleaning.
Working principle: the use of water vortex cycle principle, in the water whirl and erosion, so that the material in the cleaning tube for the flip movement, leaving the surface of the sediment, insects, debris, etc. were washed away and get clean products The After the requirements can be achieved through the hydraulic device to tilt the tank, pour out the cleaning material
Brush cleaning machine