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Canteens chopper machine information

Canteens chopper machine information
Chopper machine use: multi-functional cutting machine can be roots, stems, leaves and other vegetables processed into pieces, silk, Ding, Ling, curves, flowers, flowers and so on. The slicing device is used for slicing slices of hard dishes, the thickness of which is freely adjusted within 1-10 mm; the reciprocating knife cuts the cut slices or soft dishes (leeks and celery) into straight silk or segments, Shaped knife); conveyor belt each time moving distance 1-20 mm free adjustment. The amount of adjustment is the width of the filament; should be noted that the diameter of vegetables is more coarse (greater than 30 mm) out of the film effect is good, easy to diced, small diameter system or small pieces will be messy. It is smooth and smooth, regular, well organized and hand-cut. The same time as
Safe maintenance of the cutting machine: the device placed on the level of the ground to determine the equipment plug contact is good, no loose, no water trace, check the rotating cylinder or conveyor belt on whether there is foreign matter, so as not to cause damage to the knife, vegetable machine operation Before the adjustment of cutting mode: centrifugal slicer for melon potato hard dish slices, vertical knife part of the leaves for the soft dishes or cut the film, processed into different specifications of the block, Ding, diamond and other shapes, Machine installation vertical knife: turn adjustable eccentric wheel, so that the knife to the bottom dead center, and then lift the knife up 1-2mm, vertical knife and conveyor belt contact, fasten the nut to fasten the knife in the knife On the shelf. The height of the tool holder is appropriate to avoid damaging the conveyor belt or the knife.
Canteens chopper machine